How to Hire

Hiring equipment from JMB is very simple. We have two methods of hiring equipment.


Cash hires are made to members of the general public and also commercial customers who have not arranged for credit facilities.

Cash hire customers are required on their first hire to provide two forms of identification, one of which must be photographic and one must confirm their current address.

A valid credit card is required and cash payments for hire charges are not accepted unless by special arrangement.

Credit cards are used to pay the hire charges plus the security deposit at the time the equipment is taken. Any refund of hire charges or the security deposit will only be made upon return of the equipment and the final termination of the hire contract.

Cash customers must be aware that while they have any JMB Hire Centres equipment on hire that they are fully responsible for any loss or damage that occurs. Should the equipment be lost or stolen while on hire, the full replacement cost will become due from the hirer.


Commercial customers can apply to open an approved credit account. Invoices will be submitted to all account customers at the end of each hire plus at the end of each calendar month for ongoing hire contracts.

All credit accounts must be settled in full by the 30th day of the month following the invoice date ie. All July invoices would have to be paid no later than the 30th August

Account customers will be assigned a credit limit and should they exceed this limit they will be asked to make interim payments to maintain their account within the credit limit granted. Failure to comply with any request to restore an account to agreed limits will result in credit facilities being withdrawn until such time as the account balance is restored to within the agreed limit.

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